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Couple Seeking Third Person For Sex How To Have A Threesome

Hello and welcome to our blog Couple Seeking Woman 

Thanks for stopping by, and let me tell you our story of our first threesome, well our first threesome happened by accident but it was such an enjoyable event that to this day we are hooked on finding new threesome partners.

After that first experience we wanted to do it again and again. But the problem was to find a threesome partner who wanted to join us was a lot more difficult than we imagined.

So we started placing ads in local papers such as couple seeking woman or couple seeking third. We did get quite a few responses. But only two of these people who replied were really worth meeting up with. And once we had met them we ended up sleeping with just one.

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So because placing ads in papers just didn’t seem to work quick enough for us. We decided to try looking online for threesome finder sites.

Now there are a load of swinger’s websites that we joined at first. But we soon gave up on them when we found most swingers are in their mid forties to fifties. And they tend to swap partners rather than have threesomes.

My husband will not have an adult threesome or a foursome if another man is involved. And I personally wouldn’t want that either.

Adult Dating Personals

Couple Seeking Woman How To Have a Threesome

So we carried on looking and came across Craigslist. So we started placing couple seeking woman ads and couple looking for third ads on this free ads site. But the amount of strange replies we received made us give up on that idea to.

Then one day my husband came across an adult dating site. Where we could find a threesome playmate and we didn’t even realise these kind’s of dating websites even existed.

Couple Seeking Woman Responses

So we joined up as free members and filled in our profile page and waited to see if anyone replied. Sure enough we had around six responses but only two seemed to be genuine.

And to get in contact with these two members we had to pay a joining fee. Which we gladly did and were able to respond back to them.

As it turns out one of the ladies who got in touch with us lived in the town next to ours. So we didn’t even have to travel far which was a bonus.

Anyway we met up with this woman and we all got along very well and we all ended up in bed together which was the plan.

We have since joined a few different adult dating websites over the years. And we now only use three that are really any good. But there is one we swear by and get most of our threesome partners with today.

So if you’re a couple seeking woman for the first time. I would recommend trying out one of these dating sites before placing couple seeking third ads in papers. Or going to bars and clubs in the hope of finding a threesome partner.

Make Life Easier

Adult dating sites just make meeting someone so easy so that’s the only method we use these days to find new dates.

OK some of these sites are not as good as others. But once you have found one that works you will always be meeting new people for sex.

You will find most of these adult dating sites suffer from a lot of fake profiles. And by that I mean people joining up pretending to be someone they are not. In the hope that you will give them travelling money to meet you.

Don’t fool for this because when you do you will never hear from them again. So please don’t fool for this kind of scam.

You will be able to spot most of these quite easy. And if anyone ever does ask you for money just report them to the site. And they should deal with them.

Apart from that these sites are a god send for a couple seeking woman or even a couple seeking a man.

They were not originally created as threesome finder sites. They were for singles to meet up with other singles such as women seeking women or men seeking women to have sex with each other.

But they have kind of evolved since then. And are now highly targeted to adult threesome’s foursomes and even people looking for orgies. And if your a couple looking for third person to share your bed they are ideal.

Upload Photos And Videos

Real You

You get to upload your own video telling other members what it is your looking for.

And you can also watch other member’s videos, some of which border on the line of pornography.

I would highly recommend you add at least ten clear and real photos of yourselves. And some should be in a semi naked state to show other members what your bodies look like.

I would also tell you to be as openly honest about what and who you are looking for.

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So if you are a couple seeking woman and you want to meet up with a regular threesome partner. Then the best place that my husband and I can recommend for a couple seeking a third person. Would be an adult dating personals website.

And if you click on the link above it will take you to the threesome finder site we use every week to find our new playmates.

And by the way if you live in a big town like us. You will find more local members than you would if you live in the country.

But if you do live in the middle of nowhere and you don’t mind travelling then these sites will suit you also.

So good luck and all the best. And just look out on these 3some sites for women seeking couples. If there are two of you, or place a couple looking for third ad. And if your single, you never know you might end up meeting us one day.

When Two Became Three

Threesome Dating

Our First Three Way

It started as a joke; my girlfriend caught me watching threesome porn and said she would one day want to try that too.

I playfully told her to invite any of her friends. And she said while laughing that her girlfriend’s bucket list was to have a three-way with a couple.

Only problem is she didn’t want things to get weird between her and her friends.

“What about finding a hot willing girl from a dating site?” I suggested. “Game on, ” she said, it’s time to have our first threesome.

kissing Other Girls

We created a profile with both of us in the profile picture and described what we were looking for.

This was exciting for both of us. I had noticed that my girlfriend always tried to kiss other girls when drunk. So I knew she would love the experience.

A day later we found two willing ladies. I let my girlfriend choose who should grace our bed. The one she liked was a professional dancer. Who was single and wanted to try out new fantasies.

We invited her for a date on Saturday at a bar and she agreed, things were moving fast.

We flirted with her via Skype, got to know her fantasies as we awaited our first meet. D-day finally arrived; you could smell the anticipation in the air.

We got to the bar early, ordered cocktails and waited. An hour later she showed up, dressed to impress, she was beautiful (well not as beautiful as my girlfriend) but you get the point.

Just Seemed Natural

Since we all knew what we wanted. There were no awkward moments. It was like an old meeting of friends full of laughter and sexy looks shared by all.

She sat down and ordered a drink and my girlfriend wasted no time in trying to fondle her under the table. With the three of us tipsy, I suggested it’s time to take things to the hotel room we had booked.

Kissing In A LiftWe started kissing in the lift, with no care in the world knowing full well that there was a CCTV camera recording. The hotel security need to see some action too.

After fumbling with the door. As my girlfriend pinned our prey on the wall and planted kisses on her neck. I finally managed to get us all in.

My body was tingling. Here I was with two beautiful ladies. And I had to ensure I share my attention-and my dick equally.

I suggested we take a shower first and it was glorious. 2 sets of breasts, 3 mouths and our genitals all clamoring for each other.

She took my member in her mouth and I lifted up my girlfriend by her legs to my shoulders and ate away despite her soft moans.

She came on my face and I switched roles, taking the new girl and giving her a tongue lashing. That had her cling on non existent handles on the bathroom walls.

She had a ‘landing strip‘ and slightly parsed pussy lips that felt good being on the mouth. Then I dried myself up and left the two in the bathroom gasping, out of breath and completely wet.

Two Girls Kissing

Knowing that I had left a good impression on both of them. I lay in bed expecting the game to be brought to me. They got out of the shower. Dried each other up as I watched and started kissing right in front of me. It was amazing to watch.

This got me really hard, there is something special about seeing your partner locked in the moment with someone else. I was then joined in bed. Sandwiched between two hot bodies as they took turns kissing me.

It felt natural, like we had prepared for this all our lives. Despite this being our first threesome as a couple.

I was wondering who to take on first, but my girl gave me the nod and pointed with a head nod.

I went all in; she lay there kissing my girlfriend as I pounded away at her tight cunt. And at this point our erotic energies were merged into one.

No one was left out, everyone was having fun. It was like playing with a new toy. We literally fucked her crazy. She was sandwiched between us. As we caressed every erotic pore in her body.

There was no third wheel, three become one that day.

She Loves It From Behind

I shifted my focus to my girlfriend; she likes it from behind and arched that back for me to slide in.

I first ate her from behind. As our new partner in crime. Now recovering from the orgasm she just got played with her boobies. I then pushed my cock down her wet pussy and she let out a pleasant sigh.

The other girl got behind me. Kissing the back of my neck as her hands played with my balls.

This was heaven; I knew I would lose it any minute. I had to focus and delay the inevitable orgasm to ensure my girl got hers too. Her moans were getting louder and I pumped quicker hitting her G spot as my hand tickled her clit.

We all let loose, her floodgates opened and she squirted on us all, it was the golden shower to cap this epic night. There we were, all spent, cuddling, with looks of amazement in our faces. None of us had imagined it would be this legendary.

Sexy Wine DrinkerThere was no small talk afterwards, just looks of contentment as we lazily lay in bed.

I opened up a wine bottle, got everyone a glass, and toasted to this new experience. Our first threesome had been everything we had hoped for.

The Wine Loosened Everyone Up

The wine seemed to add to the cheer in the room. Our date went down on my girlfriend, taking in her lovely cunt as her fingers sank deep in her ass.

I just sat there watching. Stroking my dick and watching my girlfriend being pleasured. It was erotic, I could feel myself building up for the “second coming”.

I was completely in awe; she was completely helpless as her body was being pleasured.

I was actually learning how to properly give tongue service. Her tongue went round in circles, her lips nibbling while the fingers played down below.

I came in first, spraying jizz on my tummy. Then her moans got louder again and we got sprayed with cum for the second time.

What A Night

It was magical, this time we lay together all spent and happy.

Sleep came fast and I knew that we will do it again soon. My only worry is if we will find another awesome girl online.

My girlfriend wants me to invite a male friend this time and I am still trying to wrap my head around it.