Couple Seeking Woman Or Women Seeking Couples

Couple Seeking Third Person For Sex

Our very first threesome happened by accident but it was such an enjoyable event that to this day we are hooked on finding new threesome partners. After that first experience we wanted to do it again and again but the problem was finding other women who wanted to join us.

So we started placing ads in local papers such as couple seeking woman or couple seeking third. We did get quite a few responses but only two of these people who replied were really worth meeting up with, and once we had met them we ended up sleeping with just one.

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So because placing ads in papers just didn’t seem to work quick enough for us we decided to try looking online. Now there are a load of swinger’s websites that we joined at first but we soon gave up on them when we found most swingers are in their mid forties to fifties and they tend to swap partners rather than have threesomes.My husband will not have an adult threesome or a foursome if another man is involved and I personally wouldn’t want that either.

Adult Dating Personals


So we carried on looking and came across Craigslist and started placing couple seeking woman ads on this free ads site, but the amount of strange replies we received made us give up on that idea to.

Then one day my husband came across an adult dating site which we had never heard of before, in fact we didn’t realize these kinds of dating websites even existed.

So we joined up as free members and filled in our profile page and waited to see if anyone replied. Sure enough we had around six responses but only two seemed to be genuine.

And to get in contact with these two members we had to pay a joining fee which we gladly did and were able to respond back to them. As it turns out one of the ladies who got in touch with us lived in the town next to ours so we didn’t even have to travel far which was a bonus.

Anyway we met up with this woman and we all got along very well and we all ended up in bed together which was the plan.

We have since joined a few different adult dating websites over the years and we now only use three that are really any good. But there is one we swear by and get most of our threesome partners with today.

So if you’re a couple seeking woman for the first time I would recommend trying out one of these dating sites before placing couple seeking third ads in papers or going to bars and clubs in the hope of finding a threesome partner.

Make Life Easier

Adult dating sites just make meeting someone so easy so that’s the only method we use these days to find new dates. OK some of these sites are not as good as others but once you have found one that works you will always be meeting new people for sex.

You will find most of these adult dating sites suffer from a lot of fake profiles and by that I mean people joining up pretending to be someone they are not in the hope that you will give them travelling money to meet you, and when you do you will never hear from them again, so please don’t fool for this kind of scam.

You will be able to spot most of these quite easy and if anyone ever does ask you for money just report them to the site and they should deal with them. Apart from that these sites are a god send for a couple seeking woman or even a couple seeking a man.

They were originally created for singles to meet up with other singles such as women seeking women or men seeking women to have sex with each other, but they have kind of evolved since then and are now highly targeted to adult threesome’s foursomes and even people looking for orgies.

Upload Photos And Videos

Real You

You get to upload your own video telling other members what it is your looking for and you can also watch other member’s videos, some of which border on the line of pornography.

I would highly recommend you add at least ten clear and real photos of yourselves and some should be in a semi naked state to show other members what your bodies look like. I would also tell you to be as openly honest about what and who you are looking for.

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So if you are a couple seeking woman and you want to meet up with regular threesome partners then the best place that my husband and I can recommend for a couple seeking a third person would be an adult dating personals website.

And if you click on the link above it will take you to the one we use every week to find our new playmates. And by the way if you live in a big town like us you will find more local members than you would if you live in the country but if you do live in the middle of nowhere and you don’t mind travelling then these sites will suit you also.

So good luck and all the best and you never know you might end up meeting us one day.

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Our Sexual Experiences With Other People

Threesome To Foursomes

Let me start off by giving you a little background information on mine and my husbands background. We have been married for 14 years, after meeting at university whilst on the same course.

Things quickly took off, and now, more than a decade down the line, we couldn’t be happier with our home and sex lives. I personally believe this is due to our involvement in a rather taboo subject: threesomes!

12 3SomeHowever not too long ago, me and my hubby were getting a strong (belated!) case of the ‘honeymoon blues*. Sex just wasn’t as exciting as it used to be, and after the arrival of our two children, I was beginning to lose my sex-drive, and starting to feel self conscious about my body.

My husband was understanding and caring, as always, but work stress and a hectic home life was wearing him down. I realised that a creative injection into our relationship would make us a better couple, and help with stress and confidence issues.

Once my husband was on board and we were both comfortable, i began to research into the field of ‘Group sex’. Whilst trying out numerous dating sites, and companies that specialise in setting up couples, I found that adult dating sites were most beneficial.

On their sites, i could put up a simple, discreet profile ad and had replies from real, honest people that were in a similar position to me. I found that on other, specialist dating websites, there would be all manner of people from young to old, that were not always friendly.

By far I recommend posting your own personal profile ad on a decent adult dating website as it filters out people that don’t have the same goal in mind, and lets you control who you talk to, and what information you give.

So, fast forward a few months onward, and my husband and I go out to meet our ‘first date’ – a divorcee in her late 30s, who was very kind and relaxed, which helped us feel at ease too!

We spoke for a short while, and got some drinks to relax before we continued back home (the kids safely at my parents’ place). The clothes came off soon enough and we were pleased at how easy everything was; the sex was thrilling, fun and highly pleasurable.

Threesome FeetMy husband and I were very satisfied, we needed to have a lot of trust and respect for each other, to allow it to work, and it did. Besides being respectful to our third party, I felt we gained a strengthening in our relationship, trust and love for one another.

We were pleased to be comfortable with another person too, a much needed confidence boost for the both of us. Our third party was very understanding and experienced, she made the whole process enjoyable:

My husband was happy to have two women all over him, while I enjoyed pursuing some lesbian fantasies! The sex on the whole was the most fun we had experienced for a long time, it opened our eyes to new possibilities in the world of group sex and its benefits to monogamous relationships.

With our new-found confidence following this experience, we went back for more! We met up with numerous lovely characters who were looking for the same things as us: a simple, strings-free fling.

My husband and I tried things we’d never get the chance to experience otherwise and gained more sexual experience than we could of ever have hoped to gain on our own, all of which added to our confidence and helped us to find our niche in our sexuality.

To my husband’s surprise, I found that I was quite interested in finding another couple to engage in sex with: a foursome. After a quick advertisement in the dating site we use, we found yet more like minded people interested in what we were after.

The activity ran as smoothly as our first threesome encounter, and it was interesting to have two others, instead of just a singular man or woman. The power in the bedroom became masculine and less female orientated. It felt very primitive (not at all unpleasant), as if the men were trying to out do each other!

Yet again, we faced the rewarding challenge of trusting one another, as did the other couple, and because of the strength in our relationship, we were all able to enjoy the sex comfortably. 

FoursomeMoving on to the benefits: I feel as though this experience has improved our lives dramatically. Having threesomes and foursomes took the stress out of our daily lives, it gave us something to look forward to.

Plus, as an added bonus, our sexual encounters with others seems to have dramatically improved the sex we have with each other exclusively.

I feel as if I know my husband better than I ever did before. I found new ways to make him tick and pleasure him, as I’m sure he has with me.

Undoubtedly, this experience has been game-changing, and I highly recommend trying it yourself: the benefits are limitless.

Vicki & Carl

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