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Sexy Couple Seeking Woman And Sexy Women Seeking Couples How And Where To Find A Threesome Partner Or Swingers And Adult Singles Dating.

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And the best way that works for us 100% of the time will work for anyone and involves joining an adult dating website.

And I know the two best sites that currently work best for threesomes, because we use them daily.

Adult Dating Site No 1: EasySex 

If you’re aged between 25 and 45 EasySex would be my first recommendation.

You can visit EasySex dating site by clicking here

Adult Dating Site No 2: SDC

SDC is actually aimed at Swingers. But it has a huge data base of singles looking for couples for threesomes, and we have had a lot of success with this adult dating club.

If you’re aged between 35 and 65 SDC is a great site to find a threesome partner.

You can visit SDC dating site by clicking here

Now I’ve given you the two best threesome dating site’s online it would be very much appreciated if you could read our story below of our first threesome, and maybe leave a comment with your thoughts.

Couple Seeking Woman Yeah Hooked On Three Ways

Well our first three way happened by accident but it was such an enjoyable event that to this day we are hooked on finding new threesome partners.

After that first experience we wanted to do it again and again. But the problem was to find a threesome partner who wanted to join us was a lot more difficult than we imagined.

So we started placing ads in local papers such as couple seeking woman or couple seeking third. We did get quite a few responses, and a fair few were from couple seeking couples.

But only two of these people who replied were really worth meeting up with. And once we had met them we ended up sleeping with just one.

So because placing ads in papers just didn’t seem to work quick enough for us. We decided to try looking online for threesome finder sites.

Now there are a load of swinger’s websites that we joined at first. But we soon gave up on them when we found most swingers are in their mid forties to fifties. And they tend to swap partners rather than have threesomes.

My husband will not have an adult threesome or a foursome if another man is involved. And I personally wouldn’t want that either.

Adult Dating Personals

Woman Seeking CouplesSo we carried on looking and came across Craigslist. So we started placing couple seeking woman ads and couple looking for third and threesome finder ads on this free ads site. But the amount of strange replies we received made us give up on that idea to. 

Then one day my husband came across an adult dating site. Where we could find a threesome playmate and we didn’t even realise these kind’s of dating websites even existed.

A Few Interested In Threesome Dating Replied

So we joined up as free members and filled in our profile page and waited to see if anyone replied. Sure enough we had around six responses to our couples looking for women ads but only two seemed to be genuine. 

And to get in contact with these two members we had to pay a joining fee. Which we gladly did and were able to respond back to them.  

As it turns out one of the ladies who got in touch with us lived in the town next to ours. So we didn’t even have to travel far which was a bonus.  

Anyway we met up with this woman and we all got along very well and we all ended up in bed together which was the plan. 

We have since joined a few different adult dating websites over the years. And we now only use three that are really any good. But there is one we swear by and get most of our threesome partners with today.  

So if you’re a couple seeking woman for the first time. I would recommend trying out one of these dating sites before placing couple seeking third ads in papers. Or going to bars and clubs in the hope that you will find a threesome partner.

Make Life Easier

Adult dating sites just make meeting someone so easy so that’s the only method we use these days to find new dates.

Sex Find a ThreesomeOK some of these sites are not as good as others. But once you have found one that works you will always be meeting new people for sex.

You will find most of these adult dating sites suffer from a lot of fake profiles. And by that I mean people joining up pretending to be someone they are not. In the hope that you will give them travelling money to meet you.

Don’t fool for this because when you do you will never hear from them again. So please don’t fool for this kind of scam.

You will be able to spot most of these quite easy. And if anyone ever does ask you for money just report them to the site. And they should deal with them.

Apart from that these sites are a god send for a couples seeking women or even a couple seeking a man.

They were not originally created as threesome finder sites. They were for singles to meet up with other singles such as women seeking women or men seeking women to have sex with each other.

But they have kind of evolved since then. And are now highly targeted to adult’s wishing to find a threesome or foursomes and even people looking for orgies. And if your a couple looking for a woman to share your bed they are ideal.

Upload Photos And Videos

Couple SeekingYou get to upload your own video telling other members what it is your looking for.

And you can also watch other member’s videos, some of which border on the line of pornography.

I would highly recommend you add at least ten clear and real photos of yourselves. And some should be in a semi naked state to show other members what your bodies look like.

I would also tell you to be as openly honest about what and who you are looking for, the honest approach will help you find a threesome quicker.

Click Here To Visit The Adult Dating Site We Use 

So if you are a couple seeking woman and you want to meet up with a regular threesome partner. Then the best place that my husband and I can recommend for a couple seeking a third person. Would be an adult dating personals website.

And if you click on the link above it will take you to the threesome finder site we use every week to find our new playmates.

And by the way if you live in a big town like us. You will find more local members than you would if you live in the country.

But if you do live in the middle of nowhere and you don’t mind travelling then these sites will suit you also.

So good luck and all the best. And just look out on these 3some sites for women seeking couples. If there are two of you, or place a couple looking for a woman ad. And if your single, you never know you might end up meeting us one day.

How To Find a Threesome For Sexual Fun

How To Find a Threesome For Singles And Couples

Many people are interested in learning how to find a threesome. The simplest way to do this is to look within the social circle of both parties.

Many times people can ask their friends to take part in sexual activity with them. This is an idea for individuals who are concerned about bringing someone they do not know into their sexual life.

We Use An Adult Dating Site To Find A Threesome Click Here To Visit Our Favourite Site

There are risks associated with having friends involved. However if an individual is not receptive, asking for this type of arrangement can cause problems.


Hot College Girls

A young couple looking for a woman who are in college or live near a college can post advertisements on campus. This is a great way for how to find threesomes with younger people.

It is important to have a rededicated e-mail address available for all inquiries.

The information should be posted on a bulletin board. That the majority of students see. It is important that the advertisement is constructed in a way that is not offensive to people reading it.

And also as important to make sure that the advertisement is posted in a place which will receive a good amount of traffic.

Also the person who is writing the advertisement. To be as detailed as possible concerning what both parties are looking for from the experience.

Online Sites

Couples seeking women who are more adventurous often choose to look for partners online. There are adult dating personals dedicated to having adult threesomes. And sexual acts involving multiple people.

Signing up for an account with such a website. Can be helpful for individuals who are uncomfortable asking people in person. If they are interested in taking part in a group sexual activity.

It is a good idea to do a background check on any person. Who is going to be taking part in this type of activity.

Not Always Honest

Unfortunately people online are not always honest. About their intentions or their reasons for being interested in a group sexual activity. It is always a good idea to have a neutral meeting place for safety reasons.

People also may be interested. In creating a meet up group using a group activity website for sexual partner searches. This is an idea for individuals. Who are looking for the opportunity to experiment with multiple partners over a range of time.

This idea is helpful for people that want to do a bit of research. On an individual before they start talking to them. This way you can find out if they are homosexual bisexual or straight.

Creating a meet up group is a good idea because it allows a person to research the e-mail address and name of an individual before responding to their inquiry.

Newspaper Ads

Another option for how to find a threesome. Is choosing to use local newspaper classified ads. The majority of newspapers still have a personals section.

If your a couple seeking woman you can put an ad in this area of the paper. So that you can find people who live nearby more interested in this type of activity.

Placing an ad in the newspaper is an affordable way to find potential threesome partners. Who are interested in exploring their sexuality.

This is a good way to meet new people because it only requires a person to post an advertisement. Until they have found a participant who is willing to try out a threesome with them.

Couples seeking women in the local area is easier when using a targeted search.

Adult Stores

How To Find a Threesome at a Sex Shop

People who have an adult store in their town. May be able to find potential partners through posting an advertisement at the store.

This is a good idea for individuals who want to avoid rejection. People who go to an adult store are obviously comfortable with their sexual preferences.

These individuals will be receptive to other people. Who are looking to expand their horizons from a sexual standpoint.

Choosing the right kind of store to advertise in can be challenging for people who are nervous.

Speaking with the people that work at the store can also be helpful. Because word of mouth is a great way to meet potential bisexual threesome partners.


If your a couple seeking a woman and your the adventurous type. You may be interested in connecting with people at a local concert. This is another good idea on how to find a threesome.

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Many times the people at concerts are feeling adventurous . Because of the music and may be receptive to a more party like atmosphere. After the show has finished. This is especially true for outdoor shows. Where people have the freedom to consume alcohol and be completely uninhibited.

But remember it is important. For people to be safe when they are connecting with new sexual partners so always be polite and as openly honest. As possible with your intentions.

There are numerous ways on how to find a threesome you just have to think outside the box. And be a little bit creative with your thinking. In future posts I will tell you how we meet up with women for threesomes regularly.