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Hello and welcome to my brand new blog

My name is Summer and my boyfriends name is Colin and we have been together for the past nine years.

We are both very much in love with each other and we are also into threesomes.

We discovered our love for threesomes by accident two years ago when we went to a friends party where we both ended up staying the night with the hostess who was single at the time, yes we were all extremely drunk and the three of us ended up sleeping together.

And since that night we have had many many many threesomes with countless women and continue to do so today, we tend to use threesome dating websites to find most of our 3some partners and on odd occasions they just seem to happen when we are at parties or in clubs.

For some reason we just seem to attract women who are interested in joining us in bed, this never happened to us before we had a threesome, so maybe it’s just the way we talk to other people since having many threesomes over the years. It could also be our body language giving off vibes to willing women, who knows how these things work but we are glad they do.

In fact a prime example of this at work was about three months ago when we were at a night club down town and we were talking to a group of ladies and enjoying a few drinks when one of the women whispered in my ear, are you and your boyfriend up for a threesome.

We never even mentioned to any of the group that we enjoyed sex with three people at once but here she was asking me straight out. Of course we were and that night she came home with us, just goes to show when your into something in a big way it shows to like minded people.

And so that’s why we decided to write a blog about our experiences.


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  1. my husband and i are looking for a woman to play with and hopefully get fulfillment with. We are new at this and yes could use some help.


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