Adult Dating Websites For Three People Dating

Adult Dating Personals

Now I know many people have never heard of adult dating sites. But these sites are huge right now and are growing every day. The reason being people are just too busy. Or just don’t want to get into a relationship but still need to get laid.

So instead of going to a club or bar in the hopes they will pull somebody for a one night stand. People are now joining these kind of dating sites. And meeting up with like minded individuals for sex.

Couple Seeking Woman Adult Dating SiteNot Your Normal Dating Site

Normal online dating sites. Are aimed at people looking to find a husband/wife or long term companion. Whereas hookup sites are solely aimed at gay bisexual and straight people looking for sex.

And the great thing about these sites. Is the amount of members who wish to broaden their sexual experiences. And try new things such as threesomes and orgies and where to find them. And this includes many women seeking couples.

When you join an adult dating website you have the choice to type in who you are looking for. Now this could be a guy/girl or a gay couple/lesbian couple. Or a straight couple and you can even choose transvestites. If that’s your preference.

So if you’re a married couple looking for a single woman you just put that into the system. And it will match you up with female members looking for a couple.

Be Prepared To Travel

Now depending on where you live and how far your willing to travel. The system could come back with quite a few women interested in a threesome with a couple.

You then can send out emails to all these women. Explaining your sexual fetishes and needs and wait for the replies. You will also find you receive a lot of emails. From interested women even before you send any out yourself.

Chances are if you live in a big city such as New York. Or London you will be matched up with quite a lot of women. Which means you can be choosy who you meet up with.

But if you live in the country and you have to travel further. To meet someone you may only find a handful of people around your area. But hey you won’t know this until you try it.

Another good tip about these sites is the video area where you can watch other member’s videos. That they have uploaded explaining who and what they are looking for.

You get a better feel for a person when you see them on video. Rather than just their photos in the bio. I would also recommend uploading your own video. Telling people a little about yourselves and explaining what and who you are looking for.

Newspaper Ads Vs Adult Dating Sites

Newspaper Ads

When you place an ad in a paper. Such as “couple seeking woman” you have no idea who is going to reply to this ad.

Or what they look like. With adult dating sites you will see photos of the people who reply to you. And most of the time they will also have a video you can watch as well.

This makes things so much easier than replying to emails from people you cannot see. And answering phone calls from people who replied to your ad.

There are literally hundreds and hundreds of these sites online. To choose from but only a handful are really any good. I will write a post or two soon about the adult dating sites. That we use on a daily basis to find the best adult dating threesomes.

This way you don’t have to go searching through all the bad ones. Until you find a good one. We actually belong to four dating sites that bring us new threesomes. About once a month and we still meet up regularly. With women we’ve met before through these sites.

Find a Regular Sex Date

So if you do live in an area where there are not so many members. The good thing is once you’ve met one or two people you tend to arrange to meet up with them again. For sex on a regular basis if the first meeting went well.

Of course if it didn’t go to well then you will have to start again. And find someone who you like. And that likes you and then you can start seeing them regularly.

If your anything like me and my boyfriend then you might want to meet up with new people. As often as possible. You see we don’t want to start getting to attached to one person.

Because we feel it might complicate our relationship.

If either of us starts getting feelings for the other person. So we try to sleep with new women more often. Than the previous women we’ve met. Although saying that it doesn’t always work that way.