Sex Dating Through Threesome Sites

Sex Dating With Threesome WebsitesSex dating through threesome websites is becoming more and more popular. Both in men and women. There are more and more singles who enjoy their independence and are not necessarily looking for a relationship, but who do have a lot of lust in them and want to do something with it. Online sex dating on threesome sites is an ideal way to find someone.

Sexual morality has also changed as a result. At least that is sometimes thought. But is that really the case? Is sex on the first date supposed to be? Or not? What do men think about that? We asked five single men and the outcome may surprise you.

Sex On The First Date Is Taboo

Especially when you get to know someone on a sex dating threesome website you would expect that you immediately have sex with each other when you meet. But the men who compared dating sites talked about this think differently. Yes, they want sex and yes, they want it as soon as possible. But they find it unattractive and even a turn-off if a woman immediately dives into bed with them.

The old moral that a woman should not be too easy still stands. According to the men. They want to hunt. Have to do their best. And especially not to have the idea that the woman just jumps into bed with everyone. They do want sex on the first date, but immediately lose interest if they get it. Although there are also some exceptions.

Long Chat On A Sex Dating Threesome Site

Sex ChatApparently all this is less important when they first have to go to a lot of effort on threesome websites online to get the woman’s attention and when they have been chatting and exchanging messages for a long time. Then it’s a whole different story. If the woman has sex with the man on the first date, they don’t immediately see it as slutty or easy.

Because they have to make an effort, get to know the woman better, but especially because they have already had some kind of sexual contact, that changes the matter. So it makes no difference to the men whether they have to make an effort online, or in real life, as long as they have to make an effort and therefore get the feeling that the woman does not immediately jump into bed with everyone.

A (Sex) Relationship After Sex On The First Date

After a one-night stand, the chance is small that a man wants to see the woman even more often, let alone a (sex) relationship with the woman. That’s too easy. Unless the sex is very good. That’s a second reason to see a woman more often. Very good sex changes everything. Not only does the man want to see the woman more often, but there is a very good chance that the man will then fall in love. But then it should really sparkle.

In all other cases, the man immediately gives up after the first time. If you, as a woman, want a sexual relationship or even a serious relationship, it is recommended not to have sex on the first date through a threesome website. Or you have to be a so-called sex goddess. Then you can take the risk and immediately go to bed with the man. If you, as a woman, do not want to go off the butt more than once, then it is advisable to get off the butt immediately.

And What If Men Have Sex On The First Date?

For men, it is different, according to the men. It seems that not much has changed. It is true that the taboo surrounding online sex dating has disappeared, that women no longer necessarily have to be in a relationship to have sex, and that it does not matter if there is sex quickly, but the red line of how we fight against the looking at sexual morals hasn’t changed one bit.

Threesome SitesMen don’t really care if it’s in real life or online through threesome sites and sex chats and text messages, but at least they want to make an effort. That is the ancient hunting instinct. That still plays a role. That is not surprising since it is in our nature. And although men think that women should be allowed to be more sexually free, they still don’t want the woman to go to bed with everyone. They want to feel special. So sweet.

Men do want sex on the first date, but that will not positively affect the image they have of the woman in question. It does make a difference whether they already had to make a lot of effort for the woman online, but as a woman, it is better not to take that risk and wait with sex until you know each other better in real life. The guy wants to hunt you down, through a threesome website and make an effort for you, and feel special in the sense that he thinks you don’t get into bed with everyone so easily. If you, as a woman, still want to have sex quickly, it is advisable to first have online contact within the threesome site with the man for a long time. That way he will take you a little more seriously.