Snippets From My Readers Letters About Sex

Snippets From My Readers Letters All About Their Sexual Feelings And Sex Adventures

Letters To The EditorMarie (34) and Arnold (35) do it in the craziest places. “It started as an exciting joke. We arrived at our French holiday home, the kids were in the pool and I said, “Nobody sees us in this garden, we can do it anywhere.” Arnold was immediately ready. Since then it has become a sport to have sex in exciting places. In the park, while walking the dog, on an air mattress in the sea, I even caught him in a cafe, under the table. It gets a bit compulsive. The children have not yet left when we think: where shall we do it now?


Cathy (38) and Mark (44) do role-playing games. “I don’t parade through the bedroom in a nurse’s suit, but Mark and I do find it exciting to put on plays. In the evening I enter the living room and say: “Oh what are you doing, sir, my husband will be home in a minute.” He says, “I can’t help it, ma’am, I saw you at the bakery this afternoon and I want to know how you feel.” So we act through a whole lovemaking. Delicious. ”

The Best Dessert

Julie (41) and Gary (42) visit a swingers club about four times a year. “The first time was scary – what if we ran into parents from school: the teacher in a thong? – but once inside I quickly felt at ease. The atmosphere was so relaxed. Now that our lives mainly revolve around the children, I found it very exciting to see Gary in an erotic setting. The only downer: we walked into a room where so many couples were busy that I ran into a wall of sex air. Bah. But in the little room where we could isolate ourselves, and with an open or closed curtain, choose whether others watched us, I discovered my voyeuristic side. The sparks fly off in the bedroom for weeks after such an evening. In short: a sex club is more fun than a bar or restaurant, and you won’t get a better dessert anywhere. ”


Swingers DatingSigrid (37) and Roel (40) have recently been registered on a swingers site“When we created our profile – sexy photos, exciting nicknames – we ripped each other’s clothes off within an hour. No idea if we are really going to put our swingers dating plans into practice, the thought of it is exciting. We are now chatting with two couples, but the idea that we really meet them is still scary for me. It’s so wonderful; after nine years of marriage, we are happily fantasizing again. Eric’s laptop has since been off-limits to the children; before you know it they click on our browsing history. ”

Take good care of

Mary (40) and Ernst (45) sometimes have sex with a good friend. “A week before she arrives, we are already falling apart from the tension. We think about how we are going to pamper her and send the children out to stay. Grandpa and grandma fully understand that Ernst and I sometimes want to go out and sleep in. They have no idea. ”

Playing with fire

Tinka (40) and Julian (49) have an open relationship. “We love each other, but we also make love to others. That’s how we’ve been doing it for seven years. With friends, we saw marriage after marriage fall apart as soon as their children grew up. We wanted to prevent that and asked ourselves: what do we really find important in our marriage and how do we keep it exciting? Spiritual fidelity and honesty are sacred to us, but the idea of never having sex with another person again didn’t make us happy. You don’t just eat peanut butter sandwiches for forty years, do you? Many friends think we play with fire, we don’t think so. You don’t fall in love because you have sex with someone else, but because you are not happy in your relationship. ”


Carla (40) and Matt (42) surprise each other with exciting things. “I picked up Matt from work. In the car home I showed him that I wasn’t wearing any panties. The idea that I had stood naked under my skirt in his office thrilled him. We try to surprise each other more often. I find a mini dildo in my work bag, with a post-it: “I want you to wear this to your meeting, and a photo to prove it.” Then I quickly take a selfie in the toilet and pretend I actually had that thing in my pants. Sometimes you have to give reality a helping hand. ”


Leonie (36) and Dan (40) followed a tantra course. “’Do you do tantra’, said a friend. “Very good for your relationship.” So Dan and I got over our shame and went on a tantra course one evening. The first in a series of three, but we never made it to the other two. We got the giggles so uncontrollably that we were sent out. In the evening we still had fantastic sex. Not because of the tantra, but because we had such fun. ”

Taking time for each other

Jelena (39) and Samuel (42) have as a rule: never more than three days without sex. “One night I looked at Samuel who had fallen asleep on the sofa and realized we hadn’t made love for three weeks. I suddenly missed him so much. I kissed him awake and we made love to the stars of heaven. So it wasn’t that difficult to just make sense. “I miss you too,” said Samuel when I said I wanted more intimacy. Since then, we have made sure that we never have sex for more than three days. Not that it always works, sometimes we are so tired that we look at each other and say: “Tomorrow then?” The main thing is that we consciously take time for each other. ”

Immerse yourself in your feelings

Regina (38) and Don (48) take ecstasy to get in the mood. “When the children stay with friends, we take a pill. Curtains closed, heating high, and completely naked just blend in with your feelings. The sex we have then cannot be compared with anything. You see each other on such a different level, everything feels so much more intense. ”

The lubricant of your relationship

Threesome FinderHanna (38) and Phil (37) have a babysitter once every two weeks. “That sex is the lubricant of your relationship, that’s so true. After we had three children in three years, we only cuddled and we stopped talking. “I have sex with myself more often than with you,” Phil said one night. Au. We decided to schedule a babysitter every two weeks on Friday and make time for each other again. Sometimes we take time off and just spend a day in the city or in the sauna, sometimes we go out for dinner. Then I look at him and think: I can eat you. After such an evening, we enjoy diving between the sheets for wonderful lovemaking. Or not, but then it will come at a different time. In any case, we see each other again as lovers instead of a father and mother. ”

Put on something chic

Zoe (41) and Adam (41) make themselves beautiful for each other. “At home, Adam walks around in slippers, if possible with bright yellow socks. “Honey,” I said a while ago, “it spontaneously weakens me.” He laughed out loud and said, “No, you look good in those lounge pants.” I was shocked. He was right, we walked like dumbbells. I threw those pants in the trash and bought three new lingerie sets. “Now for you,” I said. Since then we make ourselves beautiful for each other once a week. As soon as the kids are asleep I dive into the bathroom, make myself up, and put on something chic. Or I come home from work and find Adam in a tight suit. If you remain attractive to each other, the sentence will come naturally. ”


Tamara (39) and Bart (45) followed a massage course. “We couldn’t have given each other a better gift than that massage course. What a party: you learn to touch each other in such a different way. We massage each other when we feel like making love, but also when one of us has a headache or is stressed. Being so attentive to each other’s bodies is true intimacy. ”

Slowly but certainly

Susanne (35) and Art (40) went to a sexologist. “After two hellish deliveries, I felt totally ruined. I didn’t feel any lust, I couldn’t get it hot, my clitoris seemed numb. After a physical cause was ruled out, a sexologist advised us to have sex for a while without fucking. It took a while, but slowly I relaxed because I knew it wouldn’t happen. Very slowly I blossomed again. Now, a year later, we have our sex life reasonably back on track. We will get there.”


Woman Seeking CoupleSimone (38) and Silvan (47) have a suitcase full of sex accessories under the bed. “Silvan was the one who hesitantly pulled out a present on a Friday evening. It was a vibrator. My first ever and a more than welcome gift now that our sex life was like this. We had the night of our lives and then it was all over. There is now a box with a lock under our bed. This includes our collection. The nicest item: the WeVibe, a toy that I wear in my panties that Silvan can control remotely. The whip that I bought on a whim was a little less successful, but hey: one learns by doing. ”

Telephone sex

Selma (33) and Jay (38) do it via smartphone. “’Cuddle up closer to me,’ Jay texted one morning. Once again he was abroad for work. “How wonderful you feel,” I sent back. We ended up in a fiery sex chat including a happy ending. Since then we have regularly engaged in phone sex. Sometimes we call, the other time via the app, sometimes we only send exciting photos. Not right now, I sometimes think, I’m just changing diapers. Then we pick up the thread again a few hours later. ”