What Does LGBTIQAPC Mean

We Know LGBTI, But What Does LGBTIQAPC Mean

what does LGBTIQAPC mean

We broke it down for you

  • Lesbian: A woman who is emotionally/physically attracted to women
  • Homosexual: A man who is emotionally/physically attracted to men
  • Bisexual: A man or woman who is emotionally/physically attracted to both men and women
  • Transgender: Umbrella term for people who do not identify with the gender assigned at birth
  • Intersex Condition: An umbrella term for congenital conditions where gender differs from what medical professionals consider the norm for male and female bodies. There are many different intersex conditions
  • Queer: People who prefer not to pigeonhole their sexual preference. So someone who is queer would rather not identify as lesbian, straight, bisexual, or pansexual
  • Asexual: People who are not sexually attracted to others or are aromatic (not romantically attracted to anyone)
  • Pansexual: People who are attracted to all gender identities and biological sexes. So they don’t fall on gender but on the character or personality of the other person
  • Cisgender: People whose birth sex matches their perceived gender identity

Paste labels

Thinking in a box, labeling, categorizing: opinions are divided about the expansion of the abbreviation LGBTI. Critics point to the negative aftertaste of pigeonholing. It is impossible to make everyone feel at home in any term. There is no need for a box for love and gender, they say.

Proponents of the abbreviation think it is good that attention is paid to diversity. There is much more between man and woman, gay or straight, they believe. A longer abbreviation makes people more aware of this and contributes to a social discussion.

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