7 Tips To Having An Anal Orgasm For Women

Seven Awesome Tips To Achieve An Orgasm Through Anal Sex

Anal OrgasmFor some, the back door is Exit Only, no discussion. 

Others are quite curious about the Back Door. You probably belong to the Latter Category, otherwise you would not be reading this now. 

What if we tell you that not only can it be good, but you can also have an Anal Orgasm? 

Yep, we got your attention.

Although less likely, than with clitoral or penis stimulation, an Anal Orgasm, is possible for both men and women. 

It is easier for men, since their Super-Sensitive Prostate, is best stimulated via the anus. 

However, it is also possible for Women.

Because a lot of Sensitive Nerves and muscles, in that region, are also linked to our Genital Organ. 

How do you get one?

Let’s say that Everybody is different, so there is no one-size-fits-all guide, to achieve an anal orgasm. 

As with a Vaginal Orgasm, it is a matter of patience. Still, there are a number of tips that can give you a Push:

1. Communication

Anal SexTalking To One Another cannot be missed in this list, and is number one for a reason: Stop, Slow Down, Be Gentle, Use these words.

Indicate what feels and what doesn’t feel right, especially if you have just met through a swingers app so you both have the best experience possible. 

When something doesn’t feel right, and you don’t feel Comfortable say it, otherwise you may never want to try anal sex again. And that would be a Shame.

2. Use Lubricant

Unlike your vagina, it doesn’t Get Wet on its own, when you get aroused. 

To ensure that everything does not Become Sandpaper, it is an absolute must to use a lubricant. The More the better. After all, it is also much finer when it Glides in nicely.

3. Start Small

Hey, Rome wasn’t built in a day, either. 

Start slowly and set the pace that you like best. 

For example, start Carefully with one finger. Does it not Feel Right? Abort mission! Nice? Then try to add one More Finger. 

Increase The Tempo, but only if you are ready for it. Ready for the Next Step? Then purchase a Butt Plug to experiment with.

4. Don’t Forget The Rest

Anal You can be so focused on that one hole, that it feels more like a Doctor’s Surgery than a sex session. In that case, you can also forget about an Orgasm. 

Not so used to anal sex yet? Then combine it with other Stimulation. For example, Oral Sex, where your sex partner gently rubs your anus, with one finger. 

Not only is it very sensual, but the emphasis is not so much, on your Back Door Entrance.

Be careful that you do not go from the Anus to the Vagina, with body parts or toys, because this can lead to infections. 

And you won’t be wanting that. And yes, you can also contract STD’s from anal sex. So if you have not recently taken a test: Jacket on, please!

5. Your Body And Mind Must Be Relaxed.

Take a Nice Hot Bath before sex, this will help ease your muscles.

Get your partner to give you a Sensual Massage, to ease any tension out of your body, and to help relax your mind.

6. Decide on the position.

Anal Sex PositionsFor you to take Full Control, of the depth and speed, of the Penetration of your partner’s penis, in your anus, it is recommended for you to Straddle him, basically get on top.

Spooning is another Great Position, where you still have some control, over his movements. Plus there’s more Intimacy with this position.

Last but not least, the Doggy Style, preferred by most men, due to them having full control over their actions. But not really advisable for first time Anal Sex.

7. Other orgasms

To achieve an Anal Orgasm, it can help to have an orgasm in a different way. 

For example, by Stimulating the clitoris or G-spot. 

Not only is it even more Sensitive, if you have already had an Orgasm, but the muscles around your anus, are also more relaxed. 

Have lots of fun trying, because Anal Sex can be very Pleasurable, just take your time, and remember most men Love It!