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Due to being inundated with thousands of spam emails when I left my email address on my last blog I will not be providing my personal email here, instead if you need to contact us you can reach me at but I will only be checking this email about once a week so don’t expect an instant reply.

You can always leave a comment below if you need any advice on threesomes or anything else you would like to discuss, or just leave a comment telling me how much you enjoyed this blog or how much you hated it, either way I do check comments quite often so I will be more likely to reply quicker through these.

Also leave a comment if your interested in writing a guest post for this blog as I am always looking out for new articles to add here if they are good quality and my readers like them. The articles can be about anything to do with sex including threesomes and swinging.

Plus your very own sexual experiences and fantasies if you wish to write about these I would be glad to add them to this site if I think they are good enough. I am going to be opening a readers letters section on this blog very soon for anyone who wants to write about there sex lives can add the articles here.

So don’t delay get writing today and you could be added here if your lucky, I will only be adding quality written letters so please make sure the spelling is correct and the grammar is of good standing because I don’t want to be rewriting and correcting other peoples work.

So with that in mind I wish you all the best and hope to hear from you soon with your articles.

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20 thoughts on “Contact Us”

  1. i am looking for someone to join me and mate in a 3 some only want a another girl to join me and him.. They got to be okay…

    1. Try a no strings attached dating website, there’s plenty of them online or you can view the one we reccomend on our home page.

    1. Adult dating sites are the best places to find sex partners but do a bit of research before joining one as some are better than others, but all will have fake profiles on them, you just need to recognize the fakes from the real members and this becomes quite easy once you’ve started to recieve replies.

    2. Hello me and my mate looking for a woman for ma and my mate for a threesome this Friday or Saturday has to be healthy and Clean

  2. Hey There,

    My boyfriend and I have had a couple really good threesomes and one that was a total wacko(Thx Craigslist)

    We have been looking for good places to find nice girls to meet up with. You noted that you new of a few good websites as well had placed a few ads before.

    I am looking for any help you may be willing to offer up.
    Thank you


    1. We use to find our threesome partners, there are a load of fake profiles on the site but you will also find plenty of people looking for a threesome aswell. I would say there are more men than women looking to have sex with a couple but depending on where you live you should find plenty of women in the cities and also plenty of other couples seeking threesome partners.

    2. Hi Candice,

      Just seen your email (from back in August) re you and your boyfriend looking for a female to join you and I’m interested to know if you are still looking?
      I’m new to this, have only even been with men but now wanting to try new things. Of course I can say anything on here but I am a genuine person so ask anything and it goes without saying I would like to learn more about you too ;o)
      Hope to hear from you soon!

  3. Ok here it ave never goes I have never done this type of thing before and not sure where to go. Here the thing Iam a beautiful woman and my boyfriend of 4 years is very hansom. I my self wanted to give him a Birthday wish of a threesum he has wanted to try this for a very long time. I am not so sure i made the right move but i want him to have this threesome. but the problem is finding the woman to join us but she has to be clean of stds if there is a woman out there that is willing to join us for the first time please email me back.
    hope to here from u soon

  4. hey, my name is yana, age of 20 this year. my husband and i are looking for a third person as in like we wana have a threesome which my husband and i never did that before. so now we are finding for a lady who are interested to join us for having a threesome. so do reply me currently finding it very urgent. thanks =)

    1. Adult dating sites are the best places to find threesome partners, but make sure you do a bit of research and join the right one, some are better than others.

  5. I am a 42 year old sexual woman in need of another woman or couple. Everytime I get to a site they require a credit card? How does a shape with the same desire find the answers? Please help? I have nice photos and naughty if needed. . Thank you, So horny please I play by the rules

  6. good day

    my fiance and I is looking for a pretty lady to have a threesome with. Its his birthday and its something he always wanted for his birthday so we have decided to try it out but just to have fun and have no contact after that. I tried to look on the site and need someone from Johannesburg thats Bisexual.

    Please email me if there is someone available but she can be between the age of 23-27

    1. Sorry I don’t know anyone in Johannesburg who’s into threesomes but if you try the adult dating site I recommend you might find someone from Johannesburg there.

  7. real bi female here seeking and like join real cpl and 3some,i can trip pls just real cpl with yah and cam contact me,my yah id same wanthave3some agin pls just real cpl with yah and cam

  8. Me and my boyfriend are looking for a woman over 30 please and a little on the thick side to have a 3some, we are an interracial couple, him being black. We are wanting a very open woman, as he wants her to please me…

    1. Well I wish you luck with your search for another woman to join you and your boyfriend, I truly believe once you have found someone to join you in a threesome you will want to continue finding new people to join you in the bedroom as often as you can. My partner and I really enjoy having sex with a third person and it has really made our relasionship stronger.

  9. I’m looking for some cool ppl who like to have fun I’m a 36 yr old Italian woman I like both men n women get ahold of me for a great time

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