Earn Money Easily? Become a Cam-Girl or Sugar-Baby!

Does your money not grow on the tree? Because you study or you’re a struggling single mother. We have the solution! How? By entertaining men. Well, better said, by using men. 

You can webcam with men or keep them company during dinner. This way you can finally maintain your lifestyle as a Gucci killer. I was curious about how this really works. 

That’s why I tracked down girls who do this work and motivate others to do the same. I ended up with a cam girl and a sugar babe.

House Mother And Nude Shower

camgirlI started with Vanessa. She has been working as a cam girl for two years. She makes a living simply by chatting with men on a threesome app and webcam modelling sites. While her friend is watching TV on the couch. 

Vanessa does not show her face while working as a webcam model. She also has her microphone on mute, so others don’t hear her voice either, so you’re unrecognizable. Only her body from the neck down is in the picture. Cozy. 

Vanessa: “I enjoy this. Look at that, you just sit next to me and he doesn’t notice. ” It is a game where you have to get better and better.

A Job Behind Closed Doors

And apparently there is enough enthusiasm for it. One in four men has had paid sex. One in seven has this regularly. So it’s understandable that many women work in this industry. 

Vanessa is very happy with her husband and just sees this as a business. She, therefore, encourages others to do this work. 

This is because it’s behind closed doors and it does not take that much effort, and it pays extremely well.

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Sugar Baby

I became in touch with Linda through Vanessa. She makes her money in a similar way. Only she does not webcam with men. 

She keeps men company as a “sugar babe.” Linda is only twenty-two years old. She came into contact with sugar babes who work for sugar daddies through a television program. 

A sugar daddy can ask if you want to do something fun. It is without obligation and if you want to leave you can. There is no sex involved. They say. Linda does notice that men often still try. 

But you can decline this because it is not part of the deal. Linda admits that if you want to earn a lot of money with it, there is often more involved.

Go, Get That Money Money Money

sugarbabyHowever, Linda believes that there are many advantages to this profession. It gives you a kind of flair. “You enter restaurants that you normally never dared to visit. I eat dishes that I had never heard of before. 

Thanks to sugar daddies, I get to know that world. And I always get some pocket money, nice things or a nice trip. It’s like a kind of uncle who wants to spoil his niece. ” Sounds creepy an uncle perving on you but okay…

Who Runs The World!

In itself, there is nothing wrong with this way of making money. It feels like emancipation somewhere because you can play the man to your will.

But on the other hand, you can also be the reason why marriages fail. Making a man unable to see his children and falling madly in love with an illusion.

How Far Do You Go As a Sugar Babe?

In addition, there is a downside these days. Girls who encourage each other to do this work. 

In recent years, the ratios have increased by 80% sugar babes and only 20% sugar daddies on so-called seeking arrangements. 

As a result, it has become quite a competitive business, with girls going that extra mile to get the client.

You don’t gain anything with that. Well yes, money .. Quite a lot of money. But it is not emancipation. Doesn’t this make us even more dependent on the man?

Oh yes: Vanessa and Linda are not called that at all. What are they called? None of your business…

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