What We Learned from Our First Three Way

Three Way Yes Or No !!!

Entering into our first three way was not something that we did lightly. It entailed a lot of back and forth before we finally decided to go ahead with it. In many ways talking about our first three way was easier than actually doing it.

At least in the beginning. As the evening wore on, it was easier, and ended up being a very enjoyable experience.

Three Way Threesome

My husband warmed up to it well before I did. He dove right in and began kissing, and touching our new partner. At first I sat on the sidelines watching and wondering if I had made a mistake.

However, before too long, I felt myself getting more and more excited. I have to admit that I was surprised.

I Didn’t Expect To Enjoy It So Much

The topic of our first three way was something that was brought up by my husband. I was willing to go along with it for him. Or so I thought.

Once I loosened up and joined in on the fun, I found myself feeling more excited than I ever remember feeling before. Having so many hands on my body at once felt amazing. Being kissed in multiple areas at the same time was wonderful.

I never in my wildest imagination thought that I would be so into this experience. The three of us all took turns pleasing one another.

Surprisingly, there was no jealousy. I thought I would feel jealous as seeing my husband with another woman. There was no jealousy at all.

I enjoyed the experience. He also enjoyed seeing me pleasured by someone else. When we later talked about our experience, we both realized that we actually enjoyed seeing each other, being so open and so free.

Brought Us Closer Together

After the experience, we seemed to feel closer in our marriage. We had shared something new with one another.Something that neither of us had experienced in any of our past relationships.

We fulfilled a fantasy, and the reality was even better than the fantasy. Our sex life as a couple was better than ever before. After our first three way, we were more open with one another. All of our walls seemed to come down.

We now felt free to let each other in on even our most secret fantasies. Ones that we had been afraid to share before.

Another benefit of our experience is that we now have sex more often. In the beginning of a relationship when everything is new, couples can’t seem to keep their hands off one another.

As the relationship progresses things change and sex takes a back seat. Since our threesome, our sex life is front and center. Back to that giggling, kissing, touching each other at every chance stage.

Both of us are also determined to keep things this way. We will not be going back to a quick hug and kiss in the morning and that is it. Being sexy, and flirtatious is now a big part of our life.

More Three Ways To Come

Our first three way is definitely not our last. We have learned that this is something that we both truly enjoy. While it may not be right for everyone, it is right for us. We love each other, and are secure in our relationship.

We also like being with someone new from time to time. A three way is the best way to do this. I love pleasing a woman, at the same time that my husband is deep inside her. I also love it when we are both pleasing him, or they are both pleasing me.

We have even talked about going further than just a three way. We are thinking about bringing another couple into our life. A couple that we can be with on a regular basis. A couple that will be not only our lovers but our friends as well.

Give It a Go

Our advice to anyone who is considering a three way, is give it a try. If you are thinking about it, you are interested in it.

You’ll never know what it will bring to your marriage. If you don’t like it, you don’t have to do it again. If you do like it, it might just take your sex life to a whole new level.

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