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One of the ultimate goals any individual has is to get married to the love of their life and live happily ever after. Unfortunately life is not a modern day chick flick or a romantic novel.

With marriage comes an array of trials and tribulations, it is truly hard work to keep a marriage alive.

Honestly speaking, most people, particularly women, desire a wedding only.

The grand showcase filled with a gigantic cake. People rejoicing in admiration for love and the final phrase a man proudly declares that seals his fate and condemns him to a life sentence most bachelors dread… “I do.”

Sometimes It Just Gets Boring

Despite the passively negative connotations associated with marriage, it can be blissful. During marriage, many couples share priceless memories that represent the experiences they went through.

On the downside, marriage produces boring routines and schedules whereby lovers become roommates.

Co-habiting and following strict sets of actions and events on a daily basis. That habit then leaks to the bedroom. One of the most important details.

Your grandparents or parents will never tell you about marriage is that at some point. Having sex with your spouse will feel like a chore instead of a highly pleasurable experience.

We Need Excitement

When that happens, the inevitable truth will come into realization. When it comes to sex, humans need excitement and variation. A reason to be thrilled about having sex again.

Many couples make the mistake of underestimating the importance of sex in a marriage. And they go about introducing a boring sexual routine instead of thinking outside the box like having a three way or orgy.

Time To Improve You’re Sex Life

Hot Tub Swingers

They do the same positions, same chemistry, same scenery etc. every time they have sex. The painful result of that mistake is temptation and we all know what that leads to.

There are many suggestions that are available and can greatly aid in providing a better sex life. Recently many couples have opted for the controversial and taboo “swinging.”

Swinging may summon many negative thoughts and ideas however it can also be the lifeline your marriage and/or sex life really needs.

My husband and I have been swinging for a year and I can honestly state that it is one of the best decisions we ever took.

You Need To Be Open Minded

Swinging is a colloquial term used to describe a scenario. Where married or unmarried couples have sexual intercourse with another couple or individual. The act requires a tremendous amount of trust. Open mindedness and sexual liberation from both parties.

It is definitely not an option for insecure couples. In many cases couples create or join swinging clubs. Swinging clubs are groups of couples who swing with each other or other people. They hold weekly, monthly or annual sexual meetings or orgies.

Couples can partake in exciting sexual themes and settings such as BDSM, threesomes etc.

Swinging can add that much needed sexual variation and can spice up your sex life. In some twisted scenarios, certain couples who swing. Have reported that they find their husbands or boyfriends more sexually appealing than before.

Good And Bad

On the negative side, swinging can breed infidelity. Deceit and addiction however it all depends on the level of communication one has with their partner.

An open communication and interaction level can open many doors. Therefore is vital that you speak with your partner about everything before the two of you decide to swing.

Swinging Tips

Swingers Cartoon

Here are a few tips for swinging newbies:
-Set rules
-Set boundaries
-Write a sexual bucket list
-Do what is comfortable for you and your partner
– Do not let the swinging life lead you to create a secret life
-Communicate, communicate and communicate

It Saved Our Marriage

After 17 years of marriage, my sex life with my husband became a chore and a duty.

I did enjoy it however it wasn’t as passionate, kinky, freak and romantic as it used to. My husband and I tried different measures and strategies to enhance our sex life and provide a bit of sexual excitement.

At one point he worked out and transformed his body from chubby to muscular. It added a lot of sexual flare however my husband couldn’t keep up with the gym. And nutritional demands. He went back to drinking beer and being a couch potato.


We discuss swinging a couple of times and eventually we gave it a try. I always had this naughty fantasy of a woman muffing me and my husband watching.

One day we met with Brandy, a brunette from New York, and we started with lunch at a local coffee shop. She was very interesting and open minded. We invited her to our place for some freaky time.

We had a few drinks and then I became tipsy. I pounced on her like a predator killing its prey. A few kisses later, she went down on me and started to suck my pussy. My husband was sitting at a nearby couch, rubbing his penis and watching us.

After 30 minutes of continuous muffing. I squirted on Brandy’s face. My husband was shocked and delighted at the same time. After she was done with me.

Sex With Both Of Us

I allowed my husband to have sex with the both of us at the same time. We really had fun that night and we all enjoyed ourselves.


After that experience, Brandy our new friend introduced us to her swinging club. Thereafter. My husband and I haven’t turned back since.

We have our swinging dates once every 3 months whereby we have orgies or any kind of sexual fetish.

We sometimes have non-sexual social gatherings and parties. The swing club is like our second family now.

Swinging can be fun or miserable. It can yield positive or negative results. It all depends on one aspect: thorough communication with your partner.

Give It A Try

If you and your spouse do decide to give swinging a try, discuss all the dynamics that are related to swinging.

Discuss rules, regulations and boundaries. Discuss what will be comfortable for the both of you. If you and your partner do decide to give swinging a try.

I hope the both of you enjoy yourselves. Have fun and remember do not do what your partner doesn’t like.

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