How Bringing More People Into The Bedroom Saved Our Marriage

Sexual Intercourse Between Three Or Four People is So Much Better

My wife and I have been married for 15 years. After being together for so long, there’s pretty much no sexual position or location we haven’t tried. Things get a little boring after a while so we decided to spice things up.

When you have just two people engaging in sex for any length of time. Things become routine and quite predictable.

Menage a TroisHowever, by simply adding a third or even a fourth partner to the bedroom scene. Everything changes in the blink of an eye.

Change Your World

If you have never tried a ‘Menage a Trois‘ it’s definitely something I recommend. It will change your whole world.

We love to have both men and women join us in any sort of sexual combination. At this point in our lives, it’s the more the merrier.

My wife loves to engage with other men, as well as other women. Though she was apprehensive at first.

She quickly discovered that a women being with another woman stirred feelings in her she never knew existed.

When it comes to bisexual relationships and women. It’s very different than the relationship between a man and a woman.

Sensual Not Sexual

Women typically view sex as more sensual and not sexual and love to nurture. Even in the bedroom. While she quickly got over any apprehensions she felt. She soon discovered that she preferred being with a woman to that of a man.

Though she appeases both genders, she loves the feeling of intimacy that occurs in lesbian sex. However. Men tend to be less about romance and more about reaching their peak.

So for my wife, it brought a whole other element into our lives that we weren’t expecting. As for myself, well I didn’t think I would ever be interested in a male for male intercourse.

Sexual 3SomeHowever, I will say that having an anal orgasm is something I never dreamed would feel like it does.

Pleasure And Pain

The sensation and threshold of pleasure and pain are out of this world. Again, because men are there just to thrust as hard as they can to get off.

There’s a little romance involved. When it’s man on man sex, all these sensations of ecstasy end in one explosive orgasm.

What it has done for our personal relationship is open our eyes. While we thought that we had done it all.

We quickly learned that we hadn’t even scratched the surface. By bringing new people with new ideas into the bedroom. It has broadened our horizons as well.

We belong to a group that switches partners off every week. Once a week we meet up for our tryst.

Our Go To Couples

There are certain people that we consider our go-to couples. We enjoy them and their methods. I have learned in this whole experience that I have to share my wife and her time.

It was a little to overcome at first watching another man and woman putting their hands on her. However, I discovered that I like to watch. As long as I was there with her, I felt safe and in control of the situation.

As far as the sex goes, it’s pretty much mind-blowing. While your being serviced or doing the servicing. There is another couple going at it on the other side.

When it comes to the female and on female stuff. I usually just sit back and watch. It really gets my juices pumping and I am able to achieve a monumental erection.

Three WayIf I would have a favorite part to the whole pairing of others, I would say it is watching my wife be serviced and receive so much pleasure.

Our Private Life Is Private

It helps her wipe out the stresses of the day and she seems so relaxed. As for being a couple who swings, well we don’t advertise that.

We keep our private life private even though we have children.

I found that threesomes are a great way to just blow off some steam and to become focused on what feels good on my body.

I, like so many people, love oral sex. However, my wife can only do it for so long before she’s exhausted.

Having 2-3 other people in the room that can take care of my needs only heightens the whole experience.

I definitely recommend bringing another person or two into the bedroom. It’s like a jungle gym full of fun and the feeling is out of this world. Bisexual relationships are amazing!