Tips On 3somes Two Men And a Lady

MMF Tips To Make The Most Of A Male Male Female Threesome

MMF Male Male Female Threesome

MMF why some women are just lucky enough to be dating men. Who are confident enough to share them in the bedroom with another man.

Others are even luckier when they manage to find two men. MMF who are willing to be intimate with them at the same time.

MMF Three Way

Whatever the case, it ultimately leads to a male male female threesome. Which happens to be a surprisingly common sexual fantasy.

For those still searching for a 3some partner you can try adult dating sites but for women who already have their men.

Here are some tips on threesomes that can help them make the most of their temporary or permanent ménage à trois.

1. Give equal attention

The whole point of a MMF threesome is to enjoy both men. And allow both of them to enjoy equally.

It is easier for two men to focus on one woman, but in an exciting situation like this. A woman can easily end up leaving one of the two men out. Which is not a good thing to do when having a threesome.

2. Keep one guy up, the other down

It is a good idea if the woman has one man focus on their upper regions. While the other focuses on their lower regions. And vice versa.

This will increase their chances of having multiple orgasms tenfold.

Women can have them take turns to caress and kiss their body. Or they have the guys kiss their neck. Cup their breasts and stroke their thighs at the same time.

3. Lead the way

Women who stay confident and in control can avoid awkward moments in the threesome. Leading the way does not mean that they should shout out orders whilst in a MMF threesome.

Actions speak louder than words. And actions like straddling on top of one guy and looking back seductively at the other should be enough. To give them a hint of what they should do next.

4. Stay in the middle

Just because two men have eagerly agreed to be in a threesome. Does not mean that may also want to experiment or play around with each other.

Being around another naked man may make both of them feel awkward. And or uncomfortable. So women should do their best to stay in between both the guys. So that their attention is not distracted towards each other whilst in a MMF.

This way, both the woman and the two men will be able to enjoy themselves even more.

Conclusion For Tips On Threesomes

A male male female threesome can prove to be an unforgettable experience. And the utmost benefits of ecstasy can be reaped by keeping the above tips in mind.

So all you couples out there seeking MMF sex with a third person take my advice. And you will really enjoy the experience. And we hope you have found these tips on threesomes very helpful.