Ménage à trois And Couples Best Practices

Couples and Ménage à trois Info

Ménage à troisOne of the most common fantasies for both men and women is engaging in a Menage a Trois. Many of us may not admit it publicly but threesomes are exciting and kinky.

Movies and Sitcoms are rife with scenes about Couples and Threesomes. My partner and I would often give each other knowing smiles whenever the topic would arise. Until one night we got drunk and admitted it would be the ultimate fantasy for both of us.

Bi Curious Or Just Curious

I had often been curious about being with two men and him with two women. Also known as a Ménage à trois and also because I thought it would be. An interesting way to bring back spontaneity and excitement into our relationship.

Just make sure that you do not scare your partner. The approach is important don’t simply drop it. Casually ease into conversations about it with your partner. Test the waters with hypothetical questions.

And when you’re sure he won’t freak out. Casually suggest and see the response.

My partner and I had to have a very candid discussion about our adult sex life. Before we decided to join a swinger’s party. One issue that stands out when dealing with couples and threesomes. Is jealousy insecurity and trust.

Enjoy Sex

Sexual exploration is about fulfilling ones sexual desires . It’s supposed to be fun. Free of judgment and most importantly should increase intimacy between a couple.

A lot of people think they are above this kind of petty emotion. But they are wrong. I’ve been to several swinger’s parties where people got jealous and stormed off.

This usually happens when one person feels ignored. And because it’s not easy seeing your partner being intimate with someone else and feeling like a third wheel.

It’s important for every couple to discuss the possible ramifications. Of this act before having a threesome because each person has a different tolerance level. As to what they can manage and handle.

Set The Rules

Set up rules and boundaries for each other, like no kissing. Should there be sexual penetration with the newcomer. Which body parts are off limits. These conversations may seem uncomfortable. But in my experience it helps the couple enjoy greater levels of pleasure.

Threesomes are quite enjoyable. It’s a huge turn on to watch your partner being involved with someone else. It helps give you an entirely new perceptive to the art of love making.

If your husband like mine was into the same old missionary position. Grunting and moaning cycle. Going to a swinger’s party and exposing him to other women. Has hyped up our sex life tenfold. Before he was a bit of a prude,. But now the sky is the limit.

Open Your Minds

Also it’s been great for improving our trust levels. We get to be open minded with each other. And it’s greatly improved our communication skills.

There are lots of articles and blog posts online. That deal with couples and threesomes, you can get loads of tips. On how to make this experience more enjoyable and less traumatic.

If you decide to have a three some. The third person should be a stranger. One common mistake Couples and Threesomes make is they opt for neighbors or colleagues at work.

A familiar face is way too risky. Also be safe when entertaining a threesome take all the necessary precautions and remember to have lots of fun with a Ménage à trois