Threesome Advice And How To Avoid Mistakes

Threesome Advice On Three People Dating And How to Avoid Disaster In the Bedroom

I would say that congratulation’s is in order. Because most couples never make it this far in planning for a threesome. Let alone get threesome advice.

However, you want to tread very carefully because your first threesome could very well end up being your last.

Threesomes are great fun. They add a new dynamic and excitement to a relationship that may have become stale or tired. Although the very thing you bring in to ramp up your relationship could cause its very demise.

So we are going to look into every piece of threesome advice. That will make sure you are A OK for lift off.

I am going to show you the steps you must take if you want this to be successful and happen again, so read on.

Strip Clubs Are Your Friends

Threesome Advice

As men we all know just how much fun strip clubs are, the friends. The alcohol and of course naked girls. While you may have never considered taking your girl to a strip club, this is your first step.

You want to get her use to the fact that you actually enjoy naked women. It may also give her the chance to get use to other naked women in your relationship.

This is the first step for both of to realize that you will be sharing one another with another person.

It sounds really crazy, but you don’t want to just jump into a threesome. You have to think things over and make sure that this is the right decision.

If by some chance your girl can’t deal with a strip club. A threesome isn’t going to work at this stage in your relationship.

Web Cam Fun

If you both can pass through the strip club test you are ready to move onto the next level. And that is getting naked in front of other people. The easiest way to do this is by getting on a web cam and having adult fun.

Many couples find this to be exciting. Pleasurable and a lot of fun. You want to do this as the next step in preparing for a threesome.

By letting other people watch you have sex on a web cam or at the very least undress. You are breaking down the wall to your bedroom.

It may be a little intimidating. But if you have a hard time having sex with strangers watching a threesome is going to be impossible. Use this time on the web cam to get use to other people watching you and getting off on your actions.

It is also fine if you become equally aroused by people watching you. This is what threesomes are all about. This gives you the chance to have a virtual partner before you move on to the real one.

You can also go cam to cam, so you are only dealing with one other person. And you can watch them at the same time.

Take It Slow

My last piece of threesome advice is to really think things through when it comes to your potential partner. There are two schools of thought on this process and they both have their pros and cons.

Most people will tell you to have a threesome date with someone you know and that you both will be compatible with.

While others tell you to find a stranger and let what happens happen. Honestly. I really wouldn’t do either of those; instead I would go down the middle.

You really don’t want to hook up with your best friend or neighbor. At least not for your first threesome. Nor do you want to meet up with the first person you find trolling around for sex. In a bar or newspaper ad.

Your Computer Is Your Ticket To A Threesome

In all honesty, you want to head to your computer and look at the adult dating websites. There are plenty that are just dedicated to helping couples like you find a suitable partner for a threesome.

Make sure you are honest with what you are looking for. And fill out your profile fully. This way you can pick and choose what you want and who you want to do it with. It may take a little bit of time. But I assure you this is not something you want to jump into.

I hope this threesome advice will put you on the right path. Threesomes are an incredible way to explore your sexuality with your partner in a brand new way.

In fact if they are done right, they bring a whole new dimension to a relationship.

As you grow more comfortable with adult threesomes you will find new couples and new locations to explore.

I hope this threesome advice has helped because with 3somes the possibilities are truly endless!