Threesomes and Safety And How To Stay Safe

Threesomes And Safety On Sex Dates For Singles And Couples


When it comes to the exciting world of having a threesome. It’s important to remember that you put threesomes and safety as a top priority.

Sure a threesome can be sexy, fun, kinky. And even truly unique. But at the same time if you’re not playing safe. You shouldn’t be playing at all.

Thus, it’s important to remember that you know certain rules and ideals when it comes to having adult threesomes.

It’s important to remember and be safe. So that you don’t end up with a disease or in a bad situation that you didn’t expect to have happen.

Truly get the best with your sexual experience. And learn more about having a safe threesome.

Do You Know Them

The first most important aspect when it comes to threesomes and safety and having safe sex. Is to make sure that you know who you are having sex with.

It’s important that your two sexual partners have been tested. And are clean so that you don’t have to worry about any potential STD’s.

Both sexually transmitted infections and sexually transmitted diseases. Can and will cause a great deal of pain. And can even cost you your life. Therefore, it’s important to remember to play safe or not play at all.

By truly knowing both individuals medical histories. You can and you will be sure that you are playing safe. So you can enjoy a better and healthier sex life.

Know Your Sexual Partners Past Threesomes and Safety

It’s also important to know who your sexual partners are from an overall safety perspective.

This is also important because if you get involved with the wrong type of person sexually. And they are displeased with you. You can and will run into problems with your overall safety.

They could attack you physically. Abuse you emotionally. And in the worst case scenario they could kill you.

It’s important to make sure that you know their criminal background. Relationship status, and more. Relationship status is very important to know when it comes to having a threesome.

Because if you get involved with someone who has a jealous or abusive partner. You can run into a ton of problems as a whole.

Therefore, it’s important to remember to know your threesome partners well. As well as any other potential partners outside of the threesome that they are involved with.

Wear Protection

Threesomes and Safety

Other important aspects when it comes to safety. Is to make sure that you always wear protection of some kind. Condoms and contraceptives are key when it comes to being safe in the bedroom. Also. Be sure to respect certain boundaries when it comes to having a threesome.

If a partner or both partners say no to a certain style. Technique, or sexual way of engaging. Then you have to respect their wishes.

Don’t be forceful or try and single one person out in the threesome. Or even if your a swinging couple because it can and will be troublesome for all parties involved as a whole.

SMS And Pain

Furthermore. The Threesomes and Safety rule goes for bondage and pain in a 3some. If someone has a low pain tolerance. Or doesn’t want to be humiliated. Made fun of. Or degraded, then you must respect their wishes as a whole.

Of course this doesn’t mean that you can’t have fun when it comes to having sex. With two other people. It’s just important to remember that all three parties involved. Enjoy the actual event and don’t feel pressured. Or overwhelmed in the process.

It’s about fun. It’s about enjoyment. And it’s about knowing that sexual pleasures are good and healthy. And a threesome with a couple can add a kinky thrill to it all. Yet, be sure to remember to play safe so you can play again. If you do like it the first time around.

Have Fun

Once again, the goal is about threesomes safety. When it comes to your threesome fun. This isn’t about stopping anyone from having a good time. But instead it’s about enjoying the best. And getting the most out of your sexual experiences while at the same time being safe.

Remember. When you have found a threesome it can be fun. Entertaining, wild, and even kinky. But it should be respectable and safe as well. Have fun with it, enjoy it. And as long as you put Threesomes and Safety first you will get the most out of your experience.