Sex Is So Important To Your Health

Sex Is So Important To Your Health A healthy lifestyle is becoming important for more and more people. We exercise more, pay attention to our weight and ensure that we get as much of the right nutrients as possible. 

But there is one more thing you can do about your health: have sex often! Right, having sex is not only fun for you, but it also helps with weight loss. Now that is much more fun than following the latest diet trend, isn’t it?

We have sex mainly because we like it, but what we do not think about is that it is also very healthy. An extra reason to get under the sheets tonight!

Burning calories

Cancel that gym subscription, because there is a much cheaper (and more enjoyable) way to burn calories. Research from the University of Quebec has shown that as a woman you burn 3.1 calories per minute during an average sex session. 

So if you do your best in bed you can even build muscles … but then you have to go on top of course.

Sex reduces stress

Dr. Stuart Brody of the University of Paisley researched the link between stress and sex. And what turned out? When you have sex regularly, you are less sensitive to stress. 

And we all know that stress is anything but good for our health.

An increased resistance

Suffering from low resistance? Having sex once a week increases your resistance. This is shown by research from the University of Pennsylvania. 

Your immune system works better if you have sex regularly, so you are less susceptible to pathogens. 

Sex Is Good For YouGood for the brain

Research from the University of Maryland has shown that sex is also good for your brain. Having sex makes your hippocampus function better. 

This part of your brain stores your memories in your long-term memory. It has also already been shown that people of age have a lower chance of dementia if they still have sex regularly. 

7 years younger

Forget about all those day creams! According to research by neuropsychologist David Weeks, you can look about 7 years younger if you have sex dates three times a week! 

People who looked younger than their peers were found to have sex about 50 percent more often. 

Sex stimulates the production of growth hormones. These ensure that your skin remains elastic. This makes you less likely to suffer from wrinkles. 

Relieving pain

During sex, you make endorphins, also called natural morphine. Namely, endorphins are pain relief. So don’t let a headache hold you back!

Mental health

Not only does sex have many benefits for our physical health, but it can also mean a lot for our mental state of mind. 

Endorphins are not called the happiness hormone for nothing. In addition, it also strengthens the intimacy in your relationship, which leads to a healthy relationship. In short: (good) sex makes you happy!