Sun Sea And Sex And A Very Unexpected Three Way Sex Party

I Slipped I Stumbled I Fell Into A Threesome

Cancun MexicoAs memories go, the sex story I’m about to tell you has to be one of my best. Last year my friend and I booked an all inclusive holiday to Cancun Mexico. For the holiday of a life time.

We arrived at our hotel just after midnight, we booked in and put our bags in our rooms then headed straight for the bar.

It had been a very long day and we just wanted to sit and chill with a cold glass of wine and a few snacks to nibble on.

So there we were chatting away minding our own business when this dark haired beauty walked up to my friend. And whispered something into his ear and then promptly walked away.

What was that about I asked, he just looked at me with a real stupid grin on his face. And said I think she wants to have sex with me.

She Gave Him Her Room Number

So asked him what she said and he replied, she just said room 206 I will be waiting for you. Well what could I say to that, a good friend which I was, would have told him to go.

And thats exactly what I told him. But he was unsure and a bit intimidated by the whole prospect of having sex with a complete stranger. But as I told him your not married or dating anyone so go of it.

So after a couple more drinks I finally managed to persuade him to go to her room. And that was the last I saw of him that night.

Pretty BoyNow Darren thats my mates name. Was a pretty boy as our other mates called him. I mean he was a very handsome guy with long hair and blue eyes. And women just seemed to fall at his feet.

So I knew he was going to pull when we arrived. I just didn’t quite expect it to be so quick.

The Rough Look

Myself on the other hand is a bit of an opposite to Darren. I do have a good body because I work out a lot and I’m an instructor in Krav Maga.

But my body is covered in tattoos and my hair is cropped really short. And my nose has been broken a few times over the years which has left me with a boxers nose.

That being said I have been told I’m good looking in a rugged way. Not sure what that means but if its a compliment I will take it.

So I wasn’t expecting to meet up with any ladies. And to be honest that was not the intention of the holiday for me. I was here to chill out and relax for two weeks in the sun.

Here Comes The Sun

We come from the UK and if anyone knows the Uk then you will know it rains a lot and its cold. So getting away for two weeks in a very hot country was my idea of heaven.

And I was not looking to hook up with anyone and I was not interested in the clubbing scene. I just wanted peace and quiet.

So how I ended up sleeping with two women at the same time. And having the best 3some sex ever on this holiday was a mystery that I have no desire to solve. Well this is how it happened,

I was in the restaurant having breakfast and waiting for my mate Darren to turn up. Sitting alone in a restaurant that was very busy.

Slipping On WaterThen I got up from my seat to go and get another coffee. And as I was walking past a load of tables I slipped on some water on the floor and fell straight into the lap of a beautiful woman. Who managed to grab hold of me from falling more.

Invited To Join Her

I stood up and apologised to the young lady and also thanked her for catching me.

She then invited me to join her at her table which I did. And she told me her name was Judy. And we got talking for about half an hour when another beautiful woman sat next to us. Judy then introduced me to her girlfriend Radka who she was on holiday with.

We sat there for another half an hour getting to know each other. When Radka said completely out of the blue “do you fancy a threesome with us later this evening.

Well I thought to myself that Darren had got lucky on his first night. What would he think of me getting into a three way with two gorgeous women the following day.

We Arranged To Hook Up Later

I also of course told them I would love to join them. We arranged to hook up later that day. And we said goodbye as they walked away holding hands.

Now I know my mate was never going to believe what just happened so I decided not to tell him. I went back to my room and there he was lying on the bed as if he hadn’t slept all night.

So I left him to it and went out and enjoyed my first day Mexico. What a beautiful place, I went swimming, sat at a beach bar drinking some very powerful cocktails.

I ate hot and spicy tortillas and drunk a little to much alcohol and just really wanted the day to go a bit quicker. So I could meet my new friends again.

The pasted and I went back to my hotel room where sleepy head was up getting ready to go out. Where have you been he asked, Oh just out enjoying the sun.

Little White Lies

He then asked if I had plans for the evening which I replied not really have you. He then said, do you mind if I meet up with Stacy the girl I met last night.

Beach BarNo of course I don’t I replied. Go out and enjoy yourself. He said it was her last night here and wanted to spend it with me.

Thats fine i said, I will be Ok. I will go to the beach bar for a few beers and chill.

So off he went and five minutes later off I went to meet up with Judy and Radka who were waiting at the bar in the hotel for me.

We all said hello then proceeded to knock back a range of different cocktails and started chatting and getting to know each other better.

Good Times Had Now A Three Way

By the way in case you didn’t catch it. Judy and Radka are bi sexual and are in a relationship.

After a couple of hours just having a good time talking and laughing with each other. Radka suggested we all go back to their hotel room. Now this is where the fun really starts.

After stepping through the door to their room and closing it behind me. They immediately start kissing each other. And I find myself totally aroused but some what at a loss as to what to do.

Yes a true red blooded man would have pounced on them. But thats just not who I am, I need to be asked first.

But I didn’t need to worry as Judy took my hand and pulled me towards them and proceeded to kiss me. As Radka started to undress me. I felt my shorts come down followed by my un sexy underwear.

As I was kissing Judy I felt a warm wet sensation over my penis. As Radka slowly slipped my cock into her mouth.

Fantastic Sex

In all honesty I cant ever remember been so erect. As I moved my hips back and forth thrusting my rock hard cock in and out of her mouth.

Then Judy slips down towards my cock and joins in with Radka sucking licking and kissing my penis.

Two Girls KissingThey both then stood up and told me to lye on the bed as they undressed each other. These two beautiful women were standing in front of me completely naked fondling each other.

They then climbed onto the bed where Radka sat on my cock and inserted it into her virgina, and Judy positioned her self over my face.

Licking Pussy

As I glanced up at this wonderful virgina coming down towards my mouth I grasped hold of her breast. And she slowly lowered herself onto my mouth where I began sucking and licking her pussy. Like a demon sex instructor, whatever that means.

I had never felt so horny and turned on in my life before. It was like I was another person, my sexual beast had been let out.

The whole night was just full of sex and different sex positions and licking and sucking each other. I was truly in paradise. Just to see and here two gorgeous women kissing and playing with each other was a sexual feeling out of this world.

Best night of my life was and is an understatement. I had three orgasms that night, I hadn’t managed three in the same night since I was in my early twenties.

Naked In Bed With Two Naked Women

The next morning I woke up laying on the bed naked with both girls naked and on each side of me. With their arms stretched across my chest. I looked at the time and it was getting on for eleven in the morning.

So I thought about getting up without waking the girls up. But then Radka’s eyes opened and stared at me for a few moments. She then said Hi handsome. Do you like sex in the morning. And it started all over again.

I met up with Judy and Radka on several occasions for sex after that first night. And Darren did eventually find out about us and was jealous as hell. And a bit upset I didn’t invite him to join us.

No Interest In A Foursome

Sex FantasyBut as I told him, this was my sex fantasy come true and no one else’s. plus the girls were not interested in a foursome. They liked the set up exactly as it was.

Two weeks later and we are back in the cold wet country called the UK. Getting on with our lives and continuing to work hard to earn more money. To fly back out to Mexico again next year.

As for the girls. Well they are back in Norway where they live together in an apartment. Oh and yes I forgot to tell you, they’ve invited me over for Xmas.

And guess what. I’ve excepted the invitation and I’m all booked up for two weeks in Norway. With two stunning looking women who want to fuck me senseless all day and night.

I Can’t Wait.

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