My First Threesome With My First Two Lovers

My Two Lovers

Two Lovers DevonWhen I was seventeen years old my parents moved to a sea side town in Devon, it was here where I had my first sexual experience.

I knew absolutely no one in this village and felt quite alone for the first couple of weeks. Until one Sunday morning I was walking along the beach with my dog Pluto. And two boys around my age emerged from the sea with surfboards.

The Dinner Date

We started chatting about who I was and how I had recently moved to the area and didn’t know anyone in the village. So they invited me out for a meal at their local pub later that evening to get to know each other better and I excepted.

After that evening in the pub all three of us became close friends and we started to meet up every day and night and seemed to become inseparable. A few months on I realised there was a sexual connection between the three of us.

Where It All Began

KissingAnd one summers day the inevitable happened, we were playing around in my bedroom listening to music while my parents were away for the weekend.

When suddenly I started to kiss David and he kissed me back.

Then I felt Scotts hands caress my shoulders and I turned around and started kissing him.

We then found ourselves undressing each other. And caressing, kissing and fondling each of our bodies as we writhed around in ecstasy on my bed.

I was a virgin and never expected to lose it in a threesome with two guys at the same time. But I am so pleased it happened this way.

From Friends To Lovers

After that night we were no longer just friends, we had became lovers. That was over ten years ago and since then we have all grown and got jobs and moved home.

But the home we moved to was ours. Yes we are still together and live in the same house.

Some people don’t understand our arrangement and most people don’t care. But we love each other and can never see that changing, and we don’t care what others have to say about us because we are happy in our loving world.

My name’s Sarah and this was my short story about how I met my two lovers.

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