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I awoke that chilly autumn morning thinking this is going to be a good day. I was 22 and every day seemed good, but this day felt extra special.
Getting ready I took extra care that morning, not sure why, and headed out to

Throughout the day intricate sensual thoughts kept stealing my attention and distracting me. My body at times moaning internally for sexual fulfillment.

As I made it through the day and headed for cocktails with some girlfriends in the city.

I was pleasantly content with an air of sensuality that I often found during my favorite time of the year in New York.

The Swanky New Cocktail Bar

We were to meet at a cozy but swank new cocktail bar on the Upper East Side. Which had been gossiped about as the new A spot teeming with gorgeous professional men?

As I walked in the door the scent of sexuality filled my breath and made me feel slightly dizzy. I saw my friends at the bar and joined them.

The music was soft but sexy and just the right volume to not overpower conversation. My girlfriends and I had experimented with some flirty bisexual touching and foreplay but never had we crossed that invisible line.

As one of my friends wiped away the hair from my face she caressed my cheek. And then my neck and I felt a tingling sensation throughout my body. I smiled and looking at her plump wet lips all I wanted to do was kiss her. But, not there, later, if we were alone.

Drinks To Start The Flirting

Just then the bartender brought us a round of drinks. And said they were from the group of men at the end of the bar. My friends and I smiled at each other and decided to join the men and thank them for the drinks.

They were quite a handsome group, but there were these two that stood out from the rest. Their beautiful eyes and inviting smiles effortlessly causing my pussy to throb and pulsate.

couple seeking coupleMy friends and I flirted with the men for an hour or so and as we were about to say goodbye to them.

The two very attractive men asked my friend and me if we would like to grab a bite to eat. Maybe a dance club after? We couldn’t possibly say no.

We dined at a nearby Greek restaurant which included continuous flirting and wonderful conversation.

The sexual chemistry was enticing and the crisp autumn air nipped at the edges of my body creating sensational waves of sensual yearning.

One of the men asked if we would rather head to his apartment for a cocktail instead of a nearby nightclub. His apartment smelled of sandalwood and leather. And my girlfriend and I smiled at each other just glad for the fact that it wasn’t a dump.

The View To The Hudson Was Awesome

The view from his upper west side high rise was exhilarating. You could see all the way down to the Hudson. The Towers shining in the clear night sky. The moon dancing on its glory and reflecting off the water.

Just then soft music started playing and one of the men handed me a drink. His face soft but masculine in the dim light. He put his arm on my lower back as we gazed out the glass wall onto the settling city below.

He began to caress my back. Then my ass and I could feel my body responding. I turned towards him and he kissed me deep and passionate. And my body started teeming with sexual desire for him.

I Could Feel He Was Aroused

couple seeking couplesI could feel him aroused against my abdomen. And he pressed against me harder as his mouth moved down my neck to my breasts and brushing aside my blouse. I could feel his warm wet mouth on my nipple.

His hands roaming my supple curves, creating sensations I had not felt in a long time.

He guided me toward the bedroom and undressed me. I stood there naked and warm as I watched him undress before me.

The light from the windows and candles casting shadows over his body enhancing each muscular morsel.

I approached him and kissed his chest. Swirling his nipples with the tip of my tongue I could feel his body shiver from the pleasure he felt. I moved down his body with my mouth. Kissing and caressing him and I knelt before him.

I kissed his inner thighs and then took him in my mouth. His manhood throbbing from the pleasure of my warm wet throat.

I could feel his hands on my face and as he took my hair in his hands and thrust deeper into me. I could taste the sweet juices flowing down my throat.

Our Naked Bodies All Touched

He lay me back on the bed and I could feel another, it was my friend. Her naked body next to mine, our soft smooth skin touching.

The other man was caressing, kissing, and playing with her and I became completely aroused. I could feel the guy I was with moving slowly up my body, his mouth and hands touching, tasting.

He took me in his mouth and my body arched at the sensation. My thoughts wandered to my friend whom I wanted so badly to kiss earlier in the evening.

I took her breast in my hand and caressed her. Her face just inches from mine; I could feel her breath on my cheek.

As I looked into her eyes I could sense it’s what she wanted also and at that moment she moved closer. I felt her soft plump lips upon mine and thought this was the most erotic kiss I have ever had. A woman’s kiss, soft, gentle, caressing.

With his mouth sucking on my clit and pussy lips at the same time I was heading over that invisible line at any moment.

I so wanted to taste her, feel her in my mouth. Suck on her and drink her sweet juices. As he moved upward, he grabbed me and turned me over. Pulling me closer to the bottom edge of the bed.

And as he entered me from behind, there she was. Her beautiful pussy just below my face, I could smell her. Her scent wafting up into me, calling to me to take her.

She Was Begging Me To Take Her

I lowered my head and kissed and licked at the outer edges of her pussy lips and she writhed with pleasure. Tilting herself up towards me, begging for me to take her.

I could feel the guy behind me deeper and deeper within me. His cock head stopping just inside my opening to spread me wide as he rubbed it quickly.

threesome finderI moaned and cried out in pleasure, cumming uncontrollably as he penetrated me again and again.

I flickered the tip of my tongue on her clit a bit and she cried out. So I took her, I suckled on her clit till her sweet thick juices rushed out at me.

Filling my mouth. I could see her sucking on the man she was with. His hands-on her perfect breasts.

But, I wanted more of her. I moved forward and lay on top of her. The mounds of our pussies pressed against one another.

I suckled on her breasts their softness under my skin and her nipples taught in my mouth.

Sexually Explosive

The man behind me came up between us from behind and took turns penetrating each of our waiting and dripping pussies. And as I moved closer to her mouth. Kissing her softly as she had me we exploded in ecstasy together.

I will end the story here as imaginable thoughts of the ending will entice fellow readers. In conclusion, this was my first threesome lifestyle experience, one I will never forget. Enjoy fellow readers since this is the first time I have ever revealed it in print.